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Air Traffic Control Voice Simulator


How to practice Communication with Air Traffic Control using MyATC Sim website

This website is not an official manual and is only a reference for your flight training. 

Welcome to MyATC! This manual will help you with the basic first steps before you start using MyATC. Pilots and air traffic controllers use a special pronunciation for the letters and numbers to communicate with one another. This is used to clearly name aircraft, taxiways, and others terms that can be easier to understand and identify using the Aviation Alphabet. Also, it helps to avoid confusion between pilots, air traffic control, and others listening to the same communication.


During the use of the website you will be identified with an airplane of tail number N245CG (November 2 4 5 Charlie Golf). We also provide some additional help for each scenario. Just click on the question mark at the right top corner of each communication scenario webpage.

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