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Air Traffic Control Voice Simulator


Copy current information ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service)

Ready to taxi to runup, contacting Opa-Locka ground 

Copy and read back clearance from ground to taxi to the runup area

Runup is completed, clearance from ground taxiing from runup area to active runway

Opa-Locka ground, clearance to taxi to active runway

Holding short runway for traffic pattern work

Contacting tower, holding short runway ready for departure (pattern work)

Control tower - Traffic Patter Work 

Instructions from tower for traffic pattern work

Control tower - Full stop termination, change of runway

Instructions from tower for full stop and termination

Full stop termination

Instructions from tower and ground taxiing back to the ramp

Holding short runway, ready for departure to practice area

Contacting tower holding short runway ready for departure (Practice Area)

Control tower, arriving from practice area, landing 

Contacting tower for instructions

Instructions from tower for takeoff (Practing Instrument Approach Procedures)

Instructions from approach control for practing IAP

Miami approach, practing IAP 

Opa-Locka tower, IAP 

Requesting and receiving instructions from tower for practing approachs

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