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Welcome to MyATC Charts!

Tutorial video

How to use MyATC Charts?

First you need the instructor's smart phone, tablet, or computer running, and your device running MyATC Charts. 

Next, select the chart you will use with your instructor for your ATC lesson. The instructor will then start simulating Air Traffic Control clearances using MyATCsim, and you should read back clearances and fly the blue airplane as instructed.


When flying the blue airplane over the chart, you have the option to turn left and right, zoom in and out of the chart, and change the size of the blue airplane. MyATC Charts has air traffic options which are the red airplanes; you can turn on and off the option for air traffic. Also, you can track the route of the airplane you are flying over the chart. Lock and unlock the chart, move faster, or slow down or stop the blue airplane. 


MyATC Charts control panel gives you the option to type the heading and speed you want to fly. If you double click with the mouse in any part of the chart, the control panel X and Y will show you the position of the double click. If you press the X and Y button, the blue airplane will move to the position of the double click. This double click will work only on a computer, so if you are using MyATC Charts with a smart phone or tablet, type the number X and Y then press the X and Y button. MyATC Charts panel also provides you the feature of the blue airplane with audio. If you need to change the scenario or chart, just click the option to change scenario, and if you want to go back to MyATCsim webpage, just click over MyATCsim logo.


What are the button options?

Each button has a function to make it easier and more user-friendly to use during your training.


Buttons and options are listed below:

MyATCsim website

Turn blue airplane

Air Traffic on/off

  (red airplanes)

     Blue airplane       red track line on/off

Blue airplane

audio on/off

Blue airplane

speed control

Blue airplane

heading, speed, and position input

Change chart/scenario

Lock and unlock chart

avoiding chart moves when flying the blue airplane

Chart Zoom

Blue airplane size



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