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Welcome to MyATC Charts!

What is MyATC Charts?

MyATC Charts website is an aviation charts program that allows students and instructors to simulate and visualize scenarios they are practicing with MyATC. Now you can have more fun during ground lessons. With MyATC Charts, the instructor assigns a scenario and then you use a virtual blue airplane on the aviation chart with the option of changing the heading, speed, and with or without air traffic. Users can Zoom In or Zoom Out on the chart, as well as change the size of the airplane, and view and track the route that the virtual airplane is flying. 

MyATC Charts website is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is recommended that during the training, the instructor and student have their own devices this way when the instructor selects the audio from MyATC, the student can read back the Air Traffic Control clearance while flying the blue airplane to simulate the scenario.

Charts are not updated. They are only for training; do not use for flying!
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